Restore The Power & Economy Of Your Vehicle

Your fuel system delivers the energy needed to make your car run. A clean, constant supply of gas is needed to ensure your vehicle performs safely and at maximum performance. Clogged fuel injectors or a faulty fuel pump can lead to poor fuel economy or driveability issues like hesitation, loss of performance, rough idle, stalling or trouble starting. Restore the fuel mileage and performance of your vehicle by having your fuel system inspected.  We’ll diagnose your car or truck fuel system problems and inform you of how well it is operating. Most vehicles will require a fuel injection service and intake manifold cleaning every few years. On older vehicles, we may need to replace fuel system components like fuel pumps, fuel senders, carburetors, fuel injectors or fuel filters.

Signs You Need To Have Your Fuel System Inspected:

  • Your vehicle sputters, stalls or hesitates while driving.
  • Poor fuel economy and reduced performance.
  • Trouble starting