Lube, Oil & Filter Service Most vehicle manufacturers in the industry recommend that vehicles should have a lube, oil and filter service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Our mechanics also recommend checking the fluid in your transmission, power steering, clutch and brakes, and windshield washer.  In fact, if requested, we will check and top off all other fluids under the hood.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly!
Changing your engine’s oil and filter regularly is the single most important service for your car or truck. If you are often in stop-and-go traffic, city driving, or go on frequent short trips, you may want to change your oil more often. Refer to your car’s owners manual for the factory’s recommendation on oil changes or come see us for information on your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

What’s Included In Your Oil Change Service?

  • Oil & oil filter.
  • Tire rotation. Check tires for uneven wear, damage.
  • Fluid level top-off.
  • 27 point vehicle inspection.